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This is the official site for Gems Galore. If you would like to learn more, click on the "Gems Galore" link in the top. This is the Home page and will hold most of the update information and recent news.

- Recent Update -


[Huge Update]

[Game Update]

Been coding since about 6:30am. Long post today:


Xp System (User level system)
Sound Settings
Re-did Gold System from Scratch. (Based on game difficulty now.)
Game Level Cap moved from 10 to 30 (Tweaks needed)
Save System (Saves total xp gain, gold, emeralds, and scores)


Add time gems to help boost time on game. (As of now its impossible to reach lvl 30)
Fix music settings.
Game patcher implementation.
Complete remaining GUI.
Edit the registration form to hide password.

NOTE: After todo list is done then the beta test will be released for testing. All unpaid users can still play (will be demo mode). Demo mode only goes to lvl 10 max, no levels, xp, shop, gold, etc can be saved. Local highscores will still work however.

[Bug Fixes]

XP bug for medium mode was acting up and being to low. Various text rendering bugs.